Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

Do you ever wish there was a way of preserving your most special memories exactly how they really happened, so that one day you can look back and remember how you felt at that very moment? Well, this is exactly what my lifestyle newborn photography is all about.

As a mum of three, I know first-hand how quickly every day passes by. We are so focused on chores, bed times, dinners and before we know it our precious little newborn baby is not a newborn anymore.

I will let you in on a secret, I can help preserve those precious moments for you exactly how they were...

My newborn lifestyle sessions are all about you and your precious baby. We do not need to spend hours trying to put your newborn to sleep, positioning them in a way that you would never find them in naturally.



I truly believe that images which reignite your memory, helping you to remember how you felt, the way she smelt, how you held her, the way she stretched, yawned, grabbed her fluffy hair or your finger and the way you looked at her. These are the memories we truly want and lifestyle images do this. There is no better place to capture these extremely precious and intimate few weeks of your time with your new baby than the very place she called home for the first time.


With lifestyle every time you look at your photographs, every time, you will see and remember that special moment which is unique to you and your baby. You will smile with joy and maybe there will be a tear in your eye. This is exactly how I feel when I look at the images of my sweet boys and this is what I want for you.

The best time to capture these special moments is within the very first few weeks of your baby's life. Of course even if you miss this small window it is never too late to capture precious memories with you little baby.


I strongly advise booking whilst you are still pregnant, ideally after 25 weeks. I can then put your due date down in my diary and will arrange your photo shoot once your sweet baby arrives. I also have some last minute sessions available so please get in touch to see my availability.

At the day of the booking I will take £20 deposit which will be deducted from the overall price of the package.

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